Czar's 505 - The Southwest Michigan Music Nightclub

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Thursday July 249pm

Karaoke Night

Karaoke is happening with D MIC tonight.
Friday July 2510pm

Captain Ivory

The Motor City is a down and dirty place to be these days. Captain Ivory’s music reflects this sentiment with a raw power that mirrors the crumbled rubble of a Detroit city street. The same streets that laid the groundwork for some of Rock N’ Roll’s most acclaimed artists–Captain Ivory kept their ear to the pavement to blend sounds both new and old. A sound of legends who’ve walked before, with a twist of new that is sure to get your feet tapping and hands clapping…
Saturday July 2610pm


Sucker Punch is a local band that likes to play music their way. They aren't your average cover band, they have attitude & instill it in their music. Sucker Punch has the Chuck Norris Seal of Approval.